The Bonfire Night will be held at the Playing Field on Friday 6th November from 6.30pm.

Material for the Bonfire

Ken Hickman will be organising collections of material for the bonfire. This is   offered as a service to the community and it is customary that a small donation is made to the Playing Field when burnable garden waste is collected—though not compulsory. It is important that anybody who wants garden waste (or similar) to be collected or added to the bonfire, that Ken is contacted first. Please note also that laurel cuttings cannot go onto the bonfire —this is highly toxic.

Contact: Ken Hickman 01604 770682.



The Playing Field Lottery winners for June were Glynn & Margaret Lewis (£50), and Sam Gibson & Alan Cook (£20).



The Children’s Play Area remains closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. In terms of redevelopment, the roundabout is currently being repaired, subject to available parts, but Ken Hickman, our “repair-man”, feels “very confident”. If this is successful, then surrounding safety surfacing will be added. We continue to raise funds towards other improvements, but for the work already undertaken, we are extremely grateful for the generous grants from Daventry District Council and the Parish Council.  

Use of the Playing Field

The playing field has seen widespread use during the coronavirus pandemic and in the main has see appropriate behaviour.  However, there are still some dog owners who are letting their dogs off leads - THIS IS NOT PERMITTED - as they must be on their lead at all times.  There has also been an increase in the amount of dog excrement, again this is not acceptible and it must be bagged and placed in the RED BINS, not in the round rubbish bins.