Please be aware of a mobile phone scam purporting to be from the NHS.

The scam claims that although you are registering your details today, it could take up to two weeks before you receive your first dose of a vaccine. In the meantime, you are encouraged to insert personal and confidential information such as your address, full name and payment card details and this is for the sole purpose of committing identity fraud.

Please make your family and friends aware of this scam so they don’t potentially fall foul to identity fraud and remember that the NHS will never ask you to confirm confidential details about you, including your full address, as they already have this information and they will not ask you to provide bank details.

As always please be vigilant of fraud scams and if you have any concerns you can contact the counter fraud team for advice.

If you or someone else is a victim of fraud, report it to Action Fraud online or by calling 0300 123 2040.