Ravensthorpe does not have a regular scheduled bus service.


DACT - Daventry Area Community Transport

Daventry Area Community Transport (DACT) is an Industrial & Provident Society 27663R (with full charitable status with HMRC) that was set up in 1993 to provide community transport services to the Daventry District. 

This is quite a challenge as the Daventry District covers 267 Square miles, one of the largest districts in the country! We exist to provide the community with a variety of transport and mobility solutions.



Volunteer Cars – are for Anyone of any age who cannot use public transport due to infirmity, illness (either long term or temporary) or lack of public transport, or if the time of the public transport does not fit the appointment., or if public transport would not be suitable for the treatment that is being given.


Minibuses – Any non profit making community group can use the service, and any group formed as a non profit-making travel club.


Travel Clubs

Ravensthorpe currently has a Travel Club, for use by groups within the village, administered by the Parish Council.

For more details, please contact the Parish Clerk, ravensthorpepc@yahoo.co.uk


A Travel Club is a club formed for the purpose of arranging transport for the club members.

Members of your club can be any age - people in your local area join the club and then decide what transport they need and where they want to go.

You could have a regular shopping trip set up to go from your village to a shopping destination of your choice; this would let people get their weekly essentials.

If you go to a town, people can use the Bank, Building society, Post Office, as well has get their shopping.

It’s easy to run a Travel Club; once set up it’s just a matter of a phone call to arrange your club’s transport.

We are a charitable organisation and our drivers are volunteers, so a friendly service is always given.

Run a club that goes on regular weekly trips -shopping maybe?

Run a club that travels to places of interest or for a meal weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

Run a club that goes to a number of different places at different times more than once a week.

Run a club that lets your members travel on one- off trips whenever they want to go.

You choose the way you want to run your Travel Club.

For more details, please contact DACT on 01327 701665/6/7