There will be an Act of Remembrance Service in Ravensthorpe on Sunday November 8th at 10.50. It will be an abridged service, outdoors only and there will be no seating.

There will also be a recorded, on-line service for Remembrance for each village, to include a village Roll of Honour and a wreath being laid at the memorial. If you can, please watch online to avoid congregating at the memorials.

Masks are to be worn; we will be strictly enforcing distancing, and acting appropriately with regard to our risk assessments.

17:05, 06 Nov 2020 by Martin Wilkes

Sue Lindley has drawn attention to a warning from the Police about a number of thefts in villages nearby.

Opportunists are at work during this crisis so we should all be on our guard for such people.

Call the Police on 03000 111 222 for non-emergencies and enquiries, or 999 to report emergencies.

Please do not use Facebook to report emergencies.  

13:33, 14 Apr 2020 by Martin Wilkes

Good Morning Everyone, 

We received a very helpful message from Sue Herbert who lives on the High Street and works 3 days per week at the Guilsborough Surgery. 

"I normally work Weds, Thurs and Fri, so if you hear of anything that needs collecting, say as a result of a phone call appointment, I am more than happy to deliver it to the person concerned  on my way home to save someone having to make  an extra trip out.  I am already bringing home meds for a few people in the village in the ‘shielding’ (extremely vulnerable) groups and those who are otherwise incapacitated to save them having to make trips out where possible

Regards, Sue Herbert Home 01604 770583. Work 01604 749932 (Tues, Weds, Fri)" 

13:31, 14 Apr 2020 by Martin Wilkes


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