Pocket Park in BloomCrabtree Pit is a small field (under 1 acre) on the edge of the village. It is reached by a green lane leading from the West Haddon Road. It belongs to the Parish Council and was long ago earmarked to be excavated for gravel, in the times when parishes were responsible for the upkeep of their own roads. when this responsibility passed to the County Council the land was rented to farmers, but in more recent times, because of the poor soil and the difficulty of access by machinary, it was used less and less. In 1999 the Parish Council decided that it should become a wildlife area and a place that vllagers could visit. Thus the Crabtree Pit Pocket Park Committee was formed and work began.

It was decided that the park would have 3 distinct area - a woodland area, a meadow area and a pond.

Volunteers planted hundreds of trees and most flourished, to the extent that now we are having to coppice them to let in more light to allow a greater bio-diversity to flourish. In 2011 we received a grant from the Big Lottery Fund, which has enabled us to buy a chain saw, so that we can carry out the work. The grant also enabled us to buy and plant bluebells in the cleared areas. Pathways have been cut through the trees, allowing visitors to ejoy the different species contained in the woodland area.

The meadow are has been placed with native wild flowers including snowdrops, cowslips, daffodils, yellow rattle, daisies and others. every Autumn this area is cut and raked by volunteers, so that the flowers are not swamped by grass and the ground does not become too rich for them to grow and multiply.

Pocket Park in the Snow

The pond is not a natural one, but was dug out and flled. It is replenished by rainwater and is home to lillies, bullrushes and other plants, as well as snails and tadpoles.

The lane leading from the road to the park is lined with snowdrops and aconites, which make a splendid display in late January and February. The entry gate had recently been altered to allow for wheelchair entry.

Within the park are a number of seats and a picnic bench, allowing visitors to pause and enjoy the calm and peaceful setting, with views towards Guilsborough.

Crabtree Pocket Park is an asset both for wildlife and villagers. Even in our village, set within beautiful countryside, the fact that there is place of such tranquility, which is just a short stroll away, is a blessing much appreciated.

Please note that dogs are not allowed in the Pocket Park so that the wildlife is not disturbed.