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ODDS200 Lottery

It's that time of year again when you need to renew your Lottery Ticket.  Members of the Memorial Playing Field Committee will be hiking around the village over the next week to encourage you to re-join.


If you are new to the village, the ODDS200 Lottery is a monthly draw with a 1st prize of £50 and 2nd prize of £20. The draw is held on the 1st Thursday of every month at 9.00pm in the Chequers.


If you join us in the pub you will be entitled to an extra free draw sponsored by the Chequers for beer and food vouchers to be redeemed in the pub.

In addition there is a Christmas bonus draw for £100.


So why not buy a ticket the next time you're at the Post Office - Dave will be only to pleased to help you out and you never know it may just be a wise investment.


Even if you don't win, you can be assured that your contribution is greatly helping to keep the Memorial Playing Fields well maintained.

Speeding Traffic

Speeding traffic is still an issue in our village.  There appears to be a persistant few local drivers who don't seem to think that the speed limit applies to them.

Is there going to be a new road safety programme for the village?

1 21/06/20 21:59
Website Administrators Required

The Ravensthorpe and Coton website is designed to be a flexible forum for news and discussions about village and local life.  We are looking for web administrators who would like to take on the responsibility of keeping various sections of the site up to date and fresh.


Initially, we would like to invite applications from the Parish Council, WI, Church, Village Hall and Playing Field organisations.  Interested individulas should contact either the website editor or Parish Council Chairman Steve Holt.

Welcome to New Members

It was suggested to me that we should have an 'introduce yourself' section.

All new and recent members are welcome to post here and I'm sure some of the longer standing members will pop by to say hello.

All you need to do is say 'Hi' and tell us a bit about yourself & what you like about our village or even perhaps what gets you annoyed.

See you soon.

1 28/12/15 19:03
X Discussion Forum Guide

Please feel free to join in and post to the Ravensthorpe Community Forum. The more the merrier!

If you are new to Discussions Forums don't be daunted. It is quite simple. Just click on a thread to read the posts from other villagers.

You will need to register to post messages here. Please use a meaningful name for registration as this avoids misunderstandings and mis-attribution of posts.
Real names would be advisable.

Currently this is a not a moderated forum which, whilst does require registration, does not require pre-checking of posts, so please do follow the normal rules of web etiquette of friendliness and civility.


To create a new 'Discussion' you will need to be logged in then ensuring that you are at the top of the tree (click on Discussion on the left hand menu to be sure) just click on the 'Add a Discussion' button at the top of the page.


To reply or add to a discussion thread click on the 'Post a new message' button from within that particular thread.


The Editor reserves the right to delete any discussions or threads which trangress the normal web etiquette of friendliness and decency or which are deemed to be unrelated to Ravensthorpe.

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